When hi-tech meets agriculture

Source: IsraelAgri

International Mega corporations meet Agro-tech companies
July 2, 2019
When High - Tech Meets Agriculture (Enlarge)

Increasing awareness of the food crisis expected by 2050, together with regulation in the field of food safety, are the two primary causes of heightened interest by mega-corporations in agriculture and agro-technologies, which is driven by two primary interests:

First – corporations are aware of the business potential in this area. For example, Airbus, a satellite manufacturer, has entered the precision agriculture area, providing data from its satellites to agro-tech companies, or mega concerns such as Mitsubishi and Pepsico that seek to invest in pioneering technologies.

Second, food retailing mega-corporations like Pepsico and Walmart are aware of their influence and responsibility to consumers, and understand their need to supply customers with high quality food. In recent years
they have expanded their involvement in producing and growing the food products they retail. The technologies
they acquire from Israel, and in general, are part of this overall approach.


Executives fromAirbus, Pepsico, Actura, DoleIFC – World BankST MicroelectronicsMitsubishi
and about 300 more delegates from the world agriculture industry came to Israel for the Agrisrael 4.0 Event,
led by Israel’s Export Institute, Ministry of Agriculture – Foreign Trade Center, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
to become acquainted with Israel’s unique agro-technologies.


The event took place among Barkan Winery’s vineyards as part of a week-long happening at which 20 companies
exhibited innovative agro-technologies, offering practical demonstrations of their innovations: AgroshelfAgroscoutAkolBeeHeroClarifruitConsumer PhysicsCropxFieldin,
Geshem, GroundworkMeshekTevatronicSaturasSupplantTevelMannaMetometion,


During the week-long visit by the international reps in Israel, they held more than 650 business meetings
with about 100 Israeli companies.
Gadi Ariel, Export Institute Director: “The scope of agro-technology exports is spiraling upward, currently
at about 9 billion dollars. The bulk of exports is divided among four primary markets: Europe – 36%, U.S./North America – 22%, South America – 18%, Australia – 17%.



Many agro-technologies have originated in Israel in recent years. About 200 companies have developed various types of such technologies: artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, satellites, sensors, advanced algorithms for farm management, and smartphones.”

Gadi further noted that there are few events in Israel for presenting these technologies (aside from Agritech that is held once every 3 years), and so he believes in initiating specific events like this in which 10-12 companies participate. This event was successful far beyond expectations.

The Export Institute is very involved in promoting the agro-technology industry worldwide, initiating business meetings, exhibitions, business delegations and of course events like the one we are attending today.”