Transforming the water dispensing industry

Thirsty people standing, waiting, drinking and filling up bottles by a drinking fountain are a captivated audience.

Studies show that people drinking will concentrate between 5 to 15 seconds when quenching thirst. Drinkers usually just stand there and stare at the fountain or the wall….

Drinking fountains receive so much traffic and attention and yet this space is not being utilized.

Well..not anymore!

Meet Watermedia

Watermedia is a unique company with a mission to revolutionize the water dispensing industry.

The company has developed a unique water dispenser which also serves as an attractive advertising platform.


                                           (The Watermedia dispenser system)

The Possibilities are Endless –
From stadiums to universities to hospitals to fitness gyms – institutions around the world can use the Watermedia water dispenser as a platform for generating new revenue or for increasing personal promotion.

It gets better –
Advertisers have a unique remote management system of their ad performance and analytics, such as: fountain “hits” and number of drunk glasses or any other advertises statistics reports….

So the next time you see one of those old water dispensers and you want money pouring from your dispenser – think Watermedia!

Source: Israel Explorer, 2014