New cybersecurity solution for small businesses

By Tim Sandle

CYBONET, the international information security solutions provider based in Israel, has a new initiative Cybowall, which is a threat detection and response platform designed for SMEs.

 The aim of the Cybowall platform is to provide small and medium sized enterprises with a one-stop-shop security tool that protects the digital applications of businesses. The aim is to address both active threats and to be vigilant about potential vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity is a major concern of many businesses, especially as businesses undertake the necessary steps required for digital transformation. To protect themselves from attack, businesses need to adopt the appropriate technologies, processes and measures to guard their systems, networks and data from cybercrimes.

Common attack vectors include social engineering (such as physically gaining access to a computer through deception) as with phishing (masquerading as a legitimate entity) and pharming (redirecting a website’s traffic to a different, fake website).

Other forms of attack include drive-by (opportunistic attacks that exploit weaknesses within a system); and ‘man in the middle’ where a middleman impersonates each endpoint with the aim of manipulating both victims. These forms of attack can occur through malware, rasomware, viruses, worms, spyware, adware and Trojans.

Many of the protective systems on the market are aimed at big corporations which have the luxury of large IT departments at their disposal. There is a market gap for a cybersecurity package aimed at smaller concerns. This space is where Cybowall is positioned, as outlined by CYBONET CEO David Feldman.

In a statement, Feldman says: “As smaller businesses struggle to keep up with the emerging threats inundating networks around the world, it is becoming increasingly clear how ill prepared many organizations continue to be.”

The insecurity is exemplified by a Ponemon Institute survey of small and medium-sized enterprises. This survey found that only 13 percent of survey respondents felt prepared to prevent a malware attack. In terms of the real risks, 51 percent of the companies said they had been subject to a ransomware attack

The Cybowall technology is designed as a non-intrusive, agentless solution that undertakes continuous monitoring of a business network across all protocols and extends to all endpoints. Cybowall deploys network trap decoy technology to identify malicious lateral movement and trap attackers that have breached perimeter defenses. These types of technology are part of the defenses that modern businesses need to put in place.