Israel’s First Vegan Supermarket

These days, being able to find vegan products and specialty stores in the U.S. really isn’t that hard. After all, most grocers have well-stocked aisles, filled with plant-based options and the list of vegan food stores and restaurants is pretty impressive. There is a slew of stores popping up lately as the vegan trend grows, like London’s own vegan grocery store called GreenBay. Australians can check out Vegan Perfection, and if you live in the UK, you can make a visit to Honest to Goodness. Most recently, India-based startup Wegan Foods landed funding to offer vegan options to its plant-based community in Mumbai. And now, vegan consumers in Isreal have reason to celebrate, with the opening of its first vegan supermarket in Tel Aviv!

Gal Hayarok (Green Wave), opened in the Caramel Market of  Tel Aviv, which is considered the vegan capital of Israel, and offers several vegan bars and restaurants. The new supermarket boasts over 4,000 plant-based products and describes itself as a “safe space” for herbivores.

Founders Refael Avraham and Eylon Zakzar, want to make vegan options more accessible and with their plans to open five more stores across the country by next year, that shouldn’t be a problem. The founders also personally guarantee that all their products are absolutely, 100 percent animal-free at all stages of production. Some of the products sold include baked goods, snack foods, legumes, cheeses, cereals, dairy-free alternatives, ready-meals, protein bars, and spices.

Plant-based eating has grown tremendously in Israel over the last decade. This comes as little surprise seeing as Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development made the move to install cameras in their slaughterhouses, and the Israeli Army decided to serve vegan food in their cafeterias back in 2014. Additionally, Israel has more vegans per capita than any other country in the world. With the addition, and hopeful expansion, of this vegan grocery chain – we can’t wait to see what’s next for this awesome country!

Image Source: Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock