Israel wins second-largest number of cyber-security deals globally

Source: Technology News

Israel accounted for the second-largest number of cyber-security deals globally, behind the US and ahead of the UK, a new report compiled by New York data firm CB Insights shows.

The report shows that Israel accounted for seven percent of the cyber-security global deal share in the years 2013-2017, still way behind the US, which accounted for 69 percent of the global deal share, but higher than the UK, which accounted for 6 percent of the pie. Canada accounted for 3 percent and China for 2 percent of the global deal share, the report showed.

The report selects 29 cyber-security startups — which it calls cyber defenders — who are early- to mid-stage “high-momentum companies pioneering technology with the potential to transform cyber-security,” the report said.

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Out of these, six are Israeli firms, ranking the so-called Startup Nation with the second-highest concentration of cyber defenders, after the United States.

The Israeli firms that made the list are: BioCatch, a startup that analyzes behavioral and physiological parameters to help with fraud prevention and detection; Aqua Security, which enables enterprises to secure their virtual container environments and bridges the gap between DevOps and IT security; IRONSCALES, a maker of anti-phishing technologies; and D-ID, which has developed a technology to help enterprises protect users’ faces from unauthorized, automated face recognition technologies.

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Israel’s Minerva Labs which makes cyber-security products designed to defeat advanced malware, and Cylus, which helps railway companies detect cyber attacks in their operational network, including their signaling systems and trains and block attackers before they can cause any damage, are also among the six.

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