Israel makes history and saves the world

By Leah Rosenberg

Israel has given to the world in many ways. One Israeli contribution is showing the world how to make desert land flourish!


Desertification is a global environmental problem where already dry land becomes even more arid. It can be caused by many things, but one thing is for sure: It is bad for the world and the environment. And another thing is certain: Israel has figured out ways to combat desertification.

Israel is Making a Greener World

Did you know that Israel is mainly desert land? In fact, 60% of Israel is desert. Yet Israel has produced successful technology and has figured out how to become the only country where the desert is diminishing.  Israel has combated desertification and shares its findings with the world. Even the U.N. has deemed Israel an expert in this area! It’s hard for Israel to be commended by the U.N., but the U.N. can’t ignore how Israel has contributed to making the world a better place to live in.

Making the Desert Bloom

David Ben Gurion was Israel’s first prime minister. His dream was to “make the desert bloom.” Well, Israel has definitely fulfilled his dream! It is unbelievable what Israel has accomplished with its land in just 70 years. Their inventions, innovations, and determination have allowed Israel to be a leader in desertification.

Israel helps the cause of all environmentally conscious people: its contributions to this world problem are huge and must be commended.