Agritechnology: The next breakout investment opportunity in Israel

MISGAV, Israel, August 5, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Innovative Israeli agriculture scientists, high tech experts and “Start-Up Nation” entrepreneurs have fused their knowledge and experience to develop new cutting-edge agricultural technologies. These innovations are poised to transform the global agricultural landscape and address urgent needs, and represent a breakout investment opportunity.

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, food production worldwide must increase 70% by 2050. Famed Israeli agricultural know-how, developed to cope with local arid agricultural challenges and a fast-growing population, has become globally relevant at a time of increasing food shortages, climate change, declining agricultural yields, global population growth and changing dietary habits.

Increasing demand for high quality nutritious food and diminishing productivity growth, especially in high and middle income countries, such as the U.S. and China, have created compelling business opportunities in agritech. Israel has new solutions to manage these issues that are ready for commercialization and adoption.

According to Nitza Kardish, Ph.D., CEO of Israel-based Mofet Venture Accelerator, “Over 200 R&D centers in Israel with a focus on agriculture and a government commitment to supporting innovation have fueled a growth in cutting-edge agritech start-ups.”

“Faced with limited natural resources, Israel has been compelled to develop a high-tech culture in recent decades,” said Steve Rhodes, CEO and Chairman, The Trendlines Group and Chairman of the Trendlines-owned Mofet Venture Accelerator. “The country is a popular target for global venture capital funds seeking to capitalize on Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit, and expertise.”

Examples of innovative Israeli agritech includes advanced precision farming techniques, water optimization, robotics and sensor driven technology, environmentally-friendly agrochemicals for crop protection and agribiotechnology.

From December 2 – 5, 2013 investors and agritech professionals from across the globe will take part in a unique Agritech Tour in Israel, during which participants will experience first-hand how Israel has become a world-class agriculture technology leader and learn what the future of agritech holds.

The tour coincides with the 2nd Annual Agrivest Conference on December 3, which brings together investors, multinational corporate executives, government officials, scientists, business leaders and young start-ups to explore the opportunities, challenges and solutions facing the agritech/agriculture investment community.

Both the Tour and Conference are projects of The Trendlines Group and Mofet Venture Accelerator, Trendlines’ agritech investment vehicle.

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SOURCE Kam Global Strategies