Agri-Water 2018, Western Cape

Source:  Israeli Trade Office

The Israel Trade office to South Africa continued pushing Water and Agri-tech solutions by raising awareness, educating and exhibiting top Israeli solutions for farming communities in the Western Cape. Hosted in partnership with Legacy Water Solutions, our Agri-Water Seminar saw full-house attendance – again – on March 19th and 20th in the Western Cape.

An insightful keynote address was given by Prof Eilon Adar – chair in Hydrogeology and Arid Zones at the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research & Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Desert, Israel. Eilon focused on treating water as a commodity in areas of hydro-scarcity. Prof Elion Adar said “All water is treatable, usable and more valuable than gold”.

Further, we introduced the hundreds of attendees to 7 Israeli agriculture technologies for water scarcity…

Tal-ya showcased their simplistic tray solution that directs water and sunlight to plant roots, reducing costs of pesticides and maintenance while increasing growth rates of plants.

Leaders in drip irrigation, Netafim and, Rivulis (represented by GHT), exhibited their trail-blazing drip irrigation.

Mapal explained their water treatment technology (a floating aeration system) for water treatment plants.

Water-Gen literally makes drinkable water from air.

Haifa Group exhibited their ultra-efficient fertigation chemicals.

Supplant’s award-winning ‘smart’ water delivery solution turned heads. Their ‘More Produce. Less Water’ message was very much the gathering’s tone.

The summation of another well received event was enthusiastic buzz surrounding the many opportunities Israeli innovation offers the South African farming communities – especially those challenged by drought in the Western Cape.

Israel grows lush fruit and vegetables in the desert and our Trade and Economic Office to Southern Africa will continue pushing working solutions for farmers in areas of water-scarcity.