Advanced agricultural technologies at the Volcani Institute

Source: IsraelAgri

The Ministry of Agriculture and Volcani Center recently hosted the annual AGRITECH 2018 International Technology Exhibition that demonstrates the latest technological developments in agriculture.

The 51 ambassadors who attended expressed great interest in the subjects presented to them, as a basis for future cooperation between Israel and the countries they represent. They also took interest in Volcani’s researchers’ demonstration of new technologies, such as an autonomous spraying robot, new wheat varieties that are uniquely cultivated for hot climates, thermal photography used for agriculture purposes, a machine for sorting avocados without human touch and controlled capture of the Mediterranean fly.

AGRITECH 2018 International Agro Technology Exhibition is one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies. It serves as a platform that brings together dozens of Ministers of Agriculture, policy makers and leading agricultural players from around the world. The latest event in 2015 included 28,000 visitors out of which 12,000 visited from abroad.