About Our Network


SAICC / SAI Network (SAIN) … promotes business among companies through its innovative use of an interactive business networking platform.


Connecting over 180 companies, their staff and business people across all industry sectors, job functions and locations throughout South Africa, SAICC/ SAIN offers dynamic opportunities for mutual development growth and expansion of your business. While SAICC / SAIN is primarily focused on local networking, our association with a number Israeli companies give us access to state-of-the-art technology which offers additional possibilities to our member base.


Headed by Vicky Berrington and her highly skilled team, SAICC/SAIN’s focus is to increase business for its members by encouraging them to showcase their products and services and boost inter-supportive dealings among member companies as well as their staff.

Our Africa Focus … we can assist our members looking to grow and expand their footprint in Africa by providing:

  • Monthly newsletters reporting latest project activity in Africa
  • Access to information on the political and macroeconomic conditions of 30 African countries, measuring sovereign risk in detail
  • Informative talks on “how to do business in Africa” by highly acclaimed speakers.


Our Business Training Course …  our Annual courses are designed to provide the small business owner with actionable tools and techniques that they can immediately use in their everyday operations to make their business more successful.


Our Offerings …  we offer one-on-one introductions to our members; create monthly networking platforms with key note speakers; branding opportunities; business delegation trips and much more!


Our Partners … SAITIO “South Africa Israel Trade Information Office”, headed by Bev Goldman.  SAITO is the conduit between local and Israeli companies, offering local companies invaluable information on the latest technology and products from Israel and informing local companies as to what is available for their benefit


The Team Vicky Berrington (CEO); Tammy Freedman (Client Support Manager); Jacob Kone (New Business Development); Bev Goldman (Head: Israel Division); Stephanie Schwartz (Marketing Assistant)

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