Understanding Emotional Intelligence

The SAI Network has pleasure inviting you to an unmissable event.

Much of the success of good, better and best businesses results from the aptitudes, talents, effectiveness and commitment of the team members who together create an indivisible entity whose primary focus is growing and developing the company to its full potential.

Brain Brief Profile (BBP) is an advanced assessment tool through which each of us becomes aware of our own current style for processing emotional and cognitive data.  This awareness enables us work to the strengths of people around us, thus building superior and more successful teams.

About our speaker: Estelle Goren

Estelle’s life focus is to help people understand their emotions, and through understanding, lead purposeful and prosperous lives. Her passion is helping individuals and organisations be the very best they can be, through effective and meaningful communication.   She is a trained Occupational Health and Community Health Practitioner, and Corporate Facilitator, with over 30 years of experience in developing, managing and leading organisational learning interventions. She has extensive experience in the design and implementation of targeted life-skills training for both the public and private sectors, as well as charitable outreach programmes.  She believes whole-heartedly that all people deserve to lead passionate, purposeful lives